Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

8 August 2019

During the 1970’s America was in the beginning of a rock boom. Garage bands were popping up left and right. An established, well known band, Pink Floyd had recently released The Dark Side of the Moon, and recently completed their next hit album: Wish You Were Here. This album is arguably one of the best created by this classic rock band. It’s predecessor, The Dark Side of the Moon, was considered one of the greatest albums of all time, right up there with A Night at the Opera by Queen. The reasons this album smokes the others in competition is because of how it surpasses them in artistic composition. The 12 piece album composed only of 5 different songs is not only a continuation of Pink Floyd’s style they put into The Dark Side of the Moon, but also a bit of a bragging right of what they are musically capable of. “Shine on You Crazy Diamond, part I-V” are the opening tracks to Wish You Were Here, the album begins slowly and placid, working its way to a jazzy compilation of some of the best solos and expertise on their instruments, before showcasing “Bring Me the Machine”, a harder, heavier metal rock song that easily takes the rhythmic, uplifting vibe of the previous song. While remaining quite upbeat and flashy, the band moves on to one of their greatest and most well known songs of all time, Wish You Were Here, an assured classic from the start. Pink Floyd finishes out the album with another installment of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond Part VI-IX”, more of the beginning but with a slightly more energetic feel, one that makes you want to get up and dance. Wish You Were Here should be considered one of the best rock albums of Pink Floyd is a timeless rock band and Wish You Were Here showcases this perfectly.

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