Wishing on Comets

3 March 2019

I like a slobbery lick.

Appalling? Perhaps, but I encourage you to go to your local park and find one of these – the lickers. They come in a four-legged furry form, speak their own language, and will love you extravagantly.

After my freshmen year, I moved to California from Utah. I lost my home, my ocean, my friends and the vision I had for my future. It was an identity crisis. I needed to climb out of the hole I was in, but couldn’t find the ladder. I needed help finding the ladder and someone who could sniff out the real me.

His name was Comet. I was young, and I fell in love, puppy love. He was a purebred mutt with black and white spots and one ear that stood straight up while the other flopped to the side. After being picked up by animal control, the shelter took him in and put him in our adoption program.

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It was my volunteer shift on a Saturday morning. Opening up the door to Comet’s room, he bounded out. I clipped on the leash and shuffled into the snowy winds outside. We walked, but Comet didn’t make much of an impression. Thoroughly frostbitten after awhile, I took him back inside. Reaching down to unclip the leash, Comet leapt up, placed his paws on my shoulders and licked me from chin to my forehead. Big, slobbery and full of love; that silly dog knew exactly what I needed, and from then on seemed to always know. Working on Pre-Calc I dreamed about going to Petco and picking up the stuffed rabbits that Comet loved. I’d walk into Furburbia with a grin plastered on my face knowing I had a dog hug and a lick waiting for me in the fourth kennel from the end.

Comet wasn’t a friendly dog at first, and like me, preferred to blend into the background. Sitting in his kennel quietly for over 6 months, he showed little personality, and was overlooked by countless families. Both of us followers, Comet and I found our missing link in each other. But, I started noticing small changes in myself. It began by saying hi to kids at school and raising my hand in class…. and here I am now, my senior year, editor of the Literary Magazine, Peer minister and Peer tutor; not a follower anymore. Comet led me to find the person who’d been hiding all along.

Small changes in Comet occurred too and soon after this transformation, Comet was adopted. I’ve never been so joyfully unhappy. His adoption made me fear I’d lose who I had become. But I realized that the traits I wanted I had always possessed; Comet just dug through the dirt of my insecurities and found the real me underneath. I’m so proud of the great dog he became and I know if he could see pictures of me he’d be proud of the confident girl smiling back.
Some people make a wish on a shooting star. I wished on a Comet.

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