With Love EP by Mya

10 October 2019

Longevity is a gift only a select few possess. R&B songstress Mya, a 16 year veteran of the music business, has shown that she’s got that. Usually moving from major to independent would mean the end of an artist’s career. But she’s managed to not only make the best of being an indie artist but thrive as one. With two albums under her belt since this change in 2008, Mya looks well on her way to releasing her third. But first, she’s released a new EP in honor of Valentine’s Day and the 1998 release of her debut single, “It’s All About Me”.

Entitled With Love, the EP takes on a more R sound than her last few releases (much to relief of her many early fans, I’d think). With Love also showcases a mature and confident Mya telling her man what she wants in a “don’t ask questions” manner. So…, steamy? Very much so.

With Love EP by Mya Essay Example

“Space”, the opener, is a bona fide throwback track. Modeling the sound of her 1998 debut, Mya, its 90s R&B vibe, along with some modern touches, is absolutely infectious. Subject wise, the hook of the song sums it up: “don’t give me… (space, space, space, space, space)/suffocate me with all your love/elevate me with just one touch”. “Do It” embodies a modern take on hip hop soul, replacing the hip hop with its millennial subgenre, trap. The aggressive title serves its purpose, reminding the listener that she’s not afraid to be racy with her descriptions.

“House Party”, a pop-infused R piece, is the laidback cousin of both those tracks. It also solidifies its uniqueness by being slightly more subtle lyrically. “Like a Woman” is different as well, in stark contrast to be exact. Not only does it visit a vulnerable department of the love theme, it is performed unplugged (her only accompaniment is guitar). The acoustic approach gets Mya (as the British would say) top marks for what could be her strongest vocal performance yet.

With Love is solid, refreshing, and exciting. If this four-track EP is a teaser of what’s to come from her in 2014, Mya could be in for another successful year.

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