Witness Report

10 October 2016

“Witness Report” PART ONE – What method of evangelism did you use and how did you start the conversation? The method of evangelism that I used was the Apostles Evangelism. The reason why I choose this type of evangelism is because it gives the entire plan of salvation including the baptism. This plan of salvation gives scriptures throughout not just one particular book in the bible. We had a teenager to come and visit our church and I knew by one of the members that the teenager has had some difficult situations in her family life and all she had left is to try Jesus.

The member wanted me to talk with the teenager about salvation. I started the conversation out by asking, “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed? ” Some situations one has to be very direct and this one of these situations. The teenager stated she has not received the Holy Ghost. I then asked if she has been baptized in Jesus name. The teenager stated that she has not; various scriptures in Acts were read to her. There are other scriptures to back up the book of Acts such as I Corinthians, Romans and Galatians but time and the situation did not permit to go into other books of the Bible.

Witness Report Essay Example

PART TWO – What was the reaction (questions/comments/statements) of the unbeliever? The reaction of the teenager was a little confused but interested in what I had explained to her. The teenager had seen the others dancing and speaking in unknown tongue so I believed she wanted that same type of joy. She wanted to know about the Holy Ghost. I began to explain what the Holy Ghost was and gave her scripture. I told her the evidence that she has the Holy Ghost is that she would speak in an unknown tongue; but no one could give her this but the Lord.

She also wanted to know what she had to do in order to receive the Holy Ghost. I explained to her all she needed to do is just believe; she did not have tarrying around the altar as I once did. I told her Hallelujah is the highest praise if she wanted to do that she could or began to just thank the Lord for what he has already done in her life. The teenager began to say, “Hallelujah”. PART THREE – How did you conclude the conversation in order to follow up?

We began to tarrying with the teenager and she finally received the gift of the Holy Ghost. The teenager realized that she was speaking in tongues and announced it to the church. We began to rejoice because another soul has been added to the kingdom; not so much the church in which so many people forget these days. She has not been baptized as of yet but she is waiting to do the next step. We are renting a building that does not have a pool but we will be baptizing her very soon at another facility.

I had already read to her Acts 2:38 and some other scriptures explaining about the baptism. We gave her a welcome packet which included a brochure, calendar magnet, business cards and a postcard that have all of the church information in the packet. The following Sunday; she received a certificate giving her the date that she received the Holy Ghost so that she can remember that special date she was born again. The teenager also joined the church and has been coming faithfully in spite of the struggles that are going on her family life.

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