Wiz Khalifa

12 December 2017

Wiz Kalmia Biography Many of you have probably heard Wiz Kalmia on the radio, but how he got there is a long process that didn’t Just start with the song “Black and Yellow’.

Wiz Kalmia is a recognized rapper with a very unique sound. Pittsburgh is where he represents but not where he grew up. He is considered one of the most successful rappers. Through his success he helps out organizations for high schools. But how he grew up is as unique as it gets for a rap artist. According to Wiz Kalmia. Cameron Jib Thomas better known as Wiz Kalmia was born September 8, 1987 in Minot, North Dakota.

His parents serve in the military so he lived on military bases all around the world for a majority of his child hood. This included Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Germany, Japan, and England. Parents were than reassigned to different posts in October 1990 and Wiz was separated from his mom when she went to serve in Operation Desert Storm and left with his sister. Was called a young wiz by all his friends because they were all older than him. He graduated from Taylor Lauderdale High School in Pittsburgh, PA. He got engaged to his girlfriend In march of this year ND are expecting their first baby in January.According to Born Rich Biographies.

He started rapping at age 14, and was selling CDC at his school. He was first signed to Rostrum Records In 2005 at age 18. Soon after his first mixture he released his first album “show and prove”. Earning him a deal with Warner brose. Although that deal didn’t last long and he was left independent again. After the loss of his record deal he released 3 mistakes “flight school”, “Burn after rolling”, and “deal or no deal”. The anticipation for more music grew with his fan base.

2010 he dropped the mixture “Cush and orange Juice” cause of the mixture He Joined Atlantic Records.By then he had about 3 million friends on faceable and 1 million followers on twitter. Halls first Atlantic Records video release “Black and Yellow’ has over 139 million views on youth. And later released his most popular album “Rolling papers” In May of 2011. Later he went on 2 tours with snoop dog and other big artist. Recently released the mixture “cabin fever 2” and “Taylor Lauderdale”. Along with those mistakes he Is about to release O.

N. I. F. C Deck. 4th. According to Ace Show Business. Through his success he has contributed to his city and charities.

He Is a part of a program with Trey songs and Knick Milan called get schooled working towards keeping kids In school and reducing absences. Through his hard work and persistence WIZ Shall was able to make millions and Is still making millions. He has his successful music and a clothing brand know as Taylor Gang Gear. You have probably seen people wearing It around school. He Is Wiz Kalmia By amphitheaters High School in Pittsburgh, PA. He got engaged to his girlfriend in march of this year CDC at his school. He was first signed to Rostrum Records in 2005 at age 18.

Soon friends on faceable and 1 million followers on twitter.

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