Wizard of Oz

1 January 2018

There were many theoretical assumptions made by people however the author continued to say it was merely a children’s book.

There was never any proof justifying what people assumed about the story. The strengths Of this article were all the evidence from the book. Dorothy wearing silver shoes on a golden road could have meant many things. A key plank in the populist platform was a demand for “free silver”. The good witch who wore white could have been another political analogy. The word Oz itself s another word for an ounce of gold or silver.Bam, the author of The Wizard of Oz had also written about politics previously.

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Many of those things could have a deeper meaning, but to most people it’s just a children’s story. He claimed that the story was neither a pro-Populist parable nor an anti- populist parable. The author of The Wizard of Oz aimed not to teach but to entertain; he aimed to amuse not to lecture. Therefore, he believed the story is best viewed as a symbolic and satirical representation of the populist event and politics.What is known to most people as a children’s book can also be considered a political story. Oz operates on two levels, one literal and the other symbolic and political. It’s fascinating how the author incorporates it on both levels.

However, the weakness in this article was that there was no proof. It was all just rumors and hearsay. The point he was trying to prove couldn’t be proven. Anyone can misinterpret a story or say what they think the author meant, but only the author himself will know the true meaning.

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