10 October 2016

How does Cassy change throughout Wolf? Having read Wolf by Gillian Cross I thought it was quite an interesting book because it contained a lot of imagery. Wolf was about a girl called Cathleen Phelan (known throughout the book as Cassy) and her wrangle with her father Mick Phelan whose is part of the IRA (Irish Republic Army). The plot of the story is that Cassy’s grandmother gave Cassy some plastic explosives that she stole from Cassy’s father Mick and sent her to live with her mother Susan Phelan(known throughout the book as Goldie ).

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And throughout the story Cassy’s father was trying to get back his plastic explosives from Cassy, to finish the mission given by the IRA. The climax of the story was when Cassy’s father was ready to kill Cassy if she didn’t return his plastic explosives. Throughout Wolf Cassy’s personality and her way of thinking has definitely changed. This is mainly due to the fact that she’s living with Goldie, Robert and Lyall, and her altercation with her father. Cassy is an ordinary looking girl, she has sensible brown eyes and sensible short brown hair.

You only had to look at her face to know she wouldn’t do anything wild . Her way of thinking was reasonable and logical which were qualities she had most definitely picked up from her Nan. Her Nan even said “If everyone was like you the world would be a simpler sweeter place”- page 6. Her closest relationship is with her Nan. This is because she lived with her Nan ever since her mother left her, since then she has taken like to her Nan and has built a negative persona of her mother. Throughout the book she doesn’t even call her mother instead she refers to her as Goldie.

The reason she doesn’t like visiting her mother is because she thinks she is immature and irresponsible, she also doesn’t like her non- conventional way of living and thinking. Cassy and Nan are part of the workers class. They live in quite a small apartment and they don’t even own a phone so every time they need to call they use their neighbour Mrs Ramage’s phone. Cassy’s time spent with Goldie, Goldie’s boyfriend Lyall Cornelius and Lyall’s son Robert Cornelius, was frightful and life changing for her.

At start the thought of living in a place where your disgusted by their lack of cleanliness was frightful, but soon she got accustom to it. She also got accustom to living with Goldie and said “Goldie’s all right as long as she doesn’t get too excited”- page 32. Her thoughts towards Lyall have also changed radically; at first the author had described Lyall with Wolf like characteristics such as having a black face with a fringe of grizzled beard. And thin bony ankles with long-toed feet and long fingers. But soon enough Cassy has found out that was considerate, kind and responsible.

At first, Cassy thought that the Moongazer show was just play acting and she said “She [should] have guessed that Goldie wouldn’t be doing real work” page-30. But through her experiences of actually taking part in the show she knew that it wasn’t all that easy and that a lot of preparation and practice went into it. Living with her Nan her life had structure and security, but that all changed when she lives with her mother. The short time Cassy was living with her mother she has learnt more about her father than she ever knew living with her Nan because her Nan said “It’ll be time to tell you when you grow up”- page 47.

It was all quite a rush for Cassy from only having a picture of her father looking into the distance to finding out that her father was part of the IRA. She had plenty of questions waiting to be answered, so she stood up for herself and demanded answers from her Nan through the post card. This is fairly out of character for her which means she must have changed. Little red riding hood has 3 main characters. Red riding hood, the wolf and the granny. Cassy is Red riding hood, her father Mick is the wolf and her Nan is the granny.

The story is that Red riding hood wants to take a basket of food to her sick grandmother. So she starts upon her journey to her grandmother’s house through the forest. On the way the wolf asks her for the basket of food but Red riding hood refuses because it’s for her grandmother. So then the wolf goes to her grandmother’s house and hides her. When Red riding hood arrives the wolf pretends to be her grandmother in order to get the food. Red riding hood realises that so the wolf tries to eat her. Then the woodchopper comes and kills the wolf saving both Red riding hood and her grandmother.

The Gillian Cross version of the story is: Cassie is on her way to her Nan’s house, where she comes across her dad who has tied Nan and put her in the bathtub. Cassy’s father is after the plastic explosives that Nan has given her. Cassy refuses to tell him where it is, so her father is ready to shoot Cassy. In that instance the police barge in and arrest him. Soon after Cassy finds out that Goldie is the one who saves her and her grandmother by calling the police. In conclusion, Cassy has definitely changed. She has become more mature through the series of events and has broken out of the robot aura that she has been living with her Nan.

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