Woman in Black Temes

9 September 2016

The ghost is the main focal point of where all of the fear is stemmed, the fear is unspoken but almost a rule for the way the villagers in Crythin Gifford live their lives. For Arthur Kipps’, the fear is individual and over whelming and presents itself to him many times despite his adamant nature to forget and move on from it all, denying its value to frighten him to his core.

By making everyone afraid of her the woman in black earns herself power she didn’t have when she was alive. By creating a sense of fear, Hill leaves us at her mercy; you can do almost anything with someone living in fear, Supernatural- Arthur himself is very rational and he has his mind set on all things reality and with no such idea of ghosts, thinking the villagers are backward and ignorant, but he is blissfully unaware of the secrets the old proud house has to hide.

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His first sighting of her, the ghost, he approaches the situation with a childlike naivety and only has ‘concern for that lonely soul of a woman’. As the reader and from our interpretation of the title and knowledge of the context and background of the novel we have suspicion, and through a little bit of belief in the supernatural we can easily identify that the ‘wasted face’ and ‘thinnest layer of flesh’ shows the supernatural.

A very typical image of a ghost is created because of her gothic story technique used throughout. We saw Kipps especially grow as a character from one who is sceptical to one who is undoubting of the ghost and supernatural powers contained within the house That the woman by the graves had been ghostly I now – not believed, no – knew, for certainty lay deep within me. ” (pg. 97)

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