Women and Media: Mixed Message

4 April 2015
The following paper contends that mass media is a powerful reflection of culture, particularly the changing role of men and women in society.

This paper looks at the way in which the media serves as a messenger of socio-cultural pressures and the ambivalence of gender based role changes.
From the paper:

“Today, women in the media offer us completely ambivalent images of perfection. We have warrior-babes like Xena, the Princess-Warrior, a popular t.v. series whose heroine is gorgeous, scantily clad, and who sets out to right society’s wrongs without the help of men. We have another riff on the warrior-babe with the mega pop-star Britney Spears, who has the fit, sculpted body of an Amazon, but the sexy, baby blondness of a modern-day Marilyn Monroe a woman who flaunts her body and sexuality on the stage and in commercials, yet maintains that she is still a virgin.”

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