Women Empowerment Essay Sample

7 July 2017


Women engagement and leading function in administration is imperative to good administration to guarantee ( I ) demographic representation and engagement of communities in legislative and policy devising procedures ; ( two ) representative articulation of demands towards human development ; and ( three ) part [ movie ] to authorities effectivity and answerability.

Although there has been an betterment and acknowledgment of the importance and function of adult females in administration in recent times. their function and engagement has been limited by unequal capacity. failure to acknowledge adult females accomplishments and competences by most administration constructions and marginalising institutional and cultural patterns. Irrespective of the constitutional commissariats. adult females still see a hostile administration environment that hinders their effectual engagement and leading function.

South African Context

Since 1994. the South African authorities has introduced policies. programmes and establishments to guarantee adult females engagement. emancipation and created chances for adult females development. For illustration. ( I ) gender equality is a cardinal dogma under the Bill of Rights of The Constitution of South Africa.

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and the state has adopted sophisticated rights-based statute law with expressed mention to gender equality ; ( two ) the South African authorities is a signer to regional and international instruments that promote gender equality ; ( three ) gender considerations are integrated into authorities policies and programmes ;

( four ) In 2005 South Africa was the eleventh state to establish the 50/50 run ; ( V ) the Women Empowerment Unit was established to place factors that hinders adult females full engagement in the legislative devising procedures ; ( six ) Commission on Gender Equality was established ; ( seven ) municipality Structure Act ( 1998. 11 ( 3 ) stipulate equal gender representation ; the National Gender Machinery has been institutionalized ; and ( eight ) the Ministry for Women. Children and Persons with Disabilities is a cardinal co-coordinating point for the promotion and protection of the rights of adult females. kids and individuals with disablements.

Some of the cardinal accomplishments towards adult females administration engagement and leading function to day of the month include:

• The representation of adult females in parliament has increased from 25 % in 1994 to 44 % after April 2009 elections ; • The figure of adult females Ministers and Deputy Ministers increased from 18 % in 1994 to 40 % in the 2009 election ; • Women constitute 42 % in Provincial legislative assemblies and 40 % of all elected councilors at the Local Government Level ; • 30 % of adult females in the National Council of Provinces are adult females ; • Five of the nine states are led by adult females Premiers. • three of the country’s six metropolitan metropoliss are led by adult females Mayors ; and • South Africa is rated 3rd globally in adult females representation in Parliament after Rwanda and Sweden.

The Strategy/Approach: The overall aim of the programme is aimed at bettering adult females engagement and leading function through capacity development within political parties and other political formations. i. e adult females Parliamentarians and councilors.

The push of the programme attack is:

• Local ownership of the programme at provincial degree to guarantee sustainability ; • Monitoring mechanisms to guarantee relevancy and impact. and spread out on the current cognition base on adult females engagement and leading function ; • Multistakeholder attack to guarantee wide engagement and support ; • Non-partisan attack to diversify input to enrich the programme ; and • United Nations interagency coaction to broaden competences and expertness and cognition base.

Envisaged Results

• Improved adult females engagement and function within administration establishments ; • Increased figure of adult females Parliamentarians and councilors within administration constructions ; • Effective administration establishments ;

• Improved administration public presentation ; • Increased attainment of the Constitutional commissariats. in peculiar the gender equality ; • Increased consciousness on the importance of adult females engagement and leading within administration constructions ; & A ; • Progressive alteration of mentality about adult females engagement and leading function within administration establishments ;


The donees of the Training programme include: Womans Parliamentarians and councilors ; South African administration establishments ; Political parties ; Civil society administrations ; Labour administrations ; and South African statute law establishments.

Advancement to day of the month

The first stage of the preparation programme was conducted by Gender Links. a Southern African NGO based in Johannesburg. Women from nine states participated in the preparation.

[ movie ] Gender Links has a repute for carry oning high quality research which it uses to inform policy and schemes. speedy action and first-class bringing. These are underpinned by a strong institutional construction that includes a high profile but hands on board ; experienced staff and direction squad ; sound fiscal direction and answerability and a strong monitoring and rating unit. GL is an commissioned preparation establishment with the Education. Training. Development. Practices Sector Education Training Authority ( ETDP SETA ) .

Faculty 1: Gender Awareness

The aims of this faculty were to: equip participants with cardinal gender constructs for application in their work and to familiarize participants with cardinal national. regional and international committednesss for accomplishing gender equality.

The Outcomes of the preparation programme include:

• Women in determination devising empowered to incorporate gender into all their programmes. • Enhanced women’s assurance and ability to utilize their power for more effectual service bringing. • Womans from political parties who attended the preparation included gender and women’s representation on their party’s docket.

Faculty 2: Gender and Media Literacy

The aim of this faculty were to: Understand the construct of media literacy ; Understand the proviso of SADC protocol on Gender and Development and use them to their different context ; Understand the gendered dimension of administration ; Gain accomplishment to keep media and leaders accountable ; Figure out how to construct gender into runs ; and Develop their IT for protagonism.

The results of the preparation programme include:

• 128 adult females participated in online confab on the cyber duologues. • 128 adult females empowered on the use of cyberspace to make research and with accomplishments to critically prosecute with the media • Increased consciousness on the commissariats of the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. • Enhanced ICT literacy accomplishments

• Enhanced apprehension of the impact of the media literacy class

Second stage:

Phase two will concentrate on gender mainstreaming within policy preparation processes. programme development and monitoring and impact appraisal.

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