Women Entrepreneurs In Small Business Essay Research

Women Entrepreneurs In Small Business Essay, Research Paper

Well I believe the development states could hold a seminar on little concern enterprisers every twelvemonth merely for adult females. Having a seminar on this subject could and should learn the adult females of these states that the state is behind them all the manner on them being an enterpriser. They will larn that they will besides be assisting the state out. I believe that a batch of adult females have something in them they are good at and can do money from it. So if they open up a small shop they will hold to employee people and that will be assisting the state. So decidedly the state should hold a seminar on this. It will assist out the state and most significantly it could assist out the little communities around that state.

The glass ceiling is non every bit easy as it should be to interrupt. Most companies in America are ran by work forces still, but here and at that place you see adult female doing advancement up the ladder. I believe in due clip things will be more equally. If you think about it there are more females in the state and besides there are more females in college. Right there is a good mark. They are seeking harder so of all time to interrupt through that ceiling and to acquire their point across to the work forces in the company that they can make every bit good as a occupation as the other work forces. They jus

Ts have to maintain up the force per unit area like they are making now and that glass ceiling will non be at that place to much longer.

There are merely advantages from holding more adult females in higher places. With holding adult females up at the top you can acquire two different positions on things. When you compare work forces and adult females you will happen that they have different positions from each other. So holding work forces and adult females at the top of any organisation or company might assist the company turn into a stronger company. Now isn & # 8217 ; t that what most companies want to be, bigger and stronger? So in the long tally I believe it should be a shared thing unless person truly does merit to be at the top of all the action.

I think the tendency of minority adult females being the fastest turning little concern is a great thing, and it will greatly assist the economic system. I believe most of the clip when you see a minority little concern proprietor is in their ain community. So when they open a new shop it could besides assist the community they are in. It will provide new occupations to the country and convey in more clients to an country. Sometimes the new concern proprietor is providing what the large companies around don & # 8217 ; Ts have or it could merely offer a better client friendly relationship. A batch of those large ironss bury how to handle their clients with true regard and being existent about it.

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