Women Exploitation

1 January 2017

Women have always been seen but nothing more than objects since way back when. Especially with today’s media, women and their bodies are used and exposed to sell and promote products. Corporations today encourage women to exploit their bodies and sexuality because they know sex sells not only to males but it also does end up catching the attention of women. Women are grabbed by these images because of the women that are chosen for the ads. Everywhere you look whether on television, in magazines or on billboards all you will is very sexual and very thin models.

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Majority of corporations today only use models with these “perfect” unrealistic thin bodies, bodies that are considerably unattainable for the average woman because that’s what catches attention. Looking at the advertisement for breast cancer awareness you will see that the woman’s head is cut off objectifying her to just her body. These images are affecting women by making them think they aren’t pretty enough, or they are too fat. The images contribute to a physiological issue and are helping the numbers in bulimia, anorexia and other eating disorders rise.

Many models that are chosen for these advertisements are not considerably healthy, but they are considered to have what is the “perfect” thin body in that industry and that everyone should want. So many girls crash diet to become like what is to be considered perfect, not only do they inhabit these unhealthy habits but they are also risking their lives with serious health injuries or maybe even lead to death. When in reality it is the other way around, the models that are been chosen for these advertisement are usually unhealthy and corporations are practically promoting there unhealthy habits.

An the article Eating Disorders in the “Women’s Voices, Feminist Views” book says “General eating-disordered behaviors include occasional binge eating and fasting, overly compulsive food habits such as eating only certain foods, not being able to eat in public, and general problems associated with compulsive dieting and/or compulsive over-exercising. ”. Women that are pushing to be that skinny are not healthy, every once and while you will see advertisements promoting “regular or plus size” models but if you really look at it, what is to be considered today to be a plus ized model is realistically an average size person.

According to Plus Model magazine today’s agency’s plus size models wear between a size 6 to a size 14 when over a decade ago it was between sizes 12 and 18. What corporations don’t realize that with the models they are choosing to promote their products are pushing women more then to just purchase the products, it pushes average regular women into thinking they need to be skinnier or they aren‘t pretty enough. For example, looking at the Chanel advertisement you will see how slim the model is.

Her legs and arm are very small and she seems to have no curves. That is not very natural and also very unhealthy. In Learn to Love Your Body (Women’s Voices, Feminist View’s Pg. 242) the author is helping women learn to love themselves, which needs to be done in order to not get caught up in trying to attain an image that should rather be done in a healthy way instead of binge eating or fasting. The author states “It’s important that you feel good about who you are. And until you like yourself as is, trying to change your body shape will be a losing proposition.

High self-esteem is important for a healthy, balanced lifestyle-and it’s a definite must if successful weight loss is one of your goals. ” Women are constantly being compared to these unrealistic image’s companies are advertising instead of being told they are perfect the way they are, they are being pressured to be something they may not be. These companies are constantly putting pressure on the average women to look better, making them think they are never good enough.

Not only are the models that are being published super thin, they are also usually ridiculously good looking or made up to look even better with professional help. Women are constantly striving to attain the “beauty” that is being published in these advertisements. Not only through dieting but also cosmetically. On a daily basis women see thousands of advertisements, billboards, commercials, movies, everywhere they look they are seeing these “perfect” models of what beauty is claimed to be and the advertisements are not promoting that everyone is beautiful.

Advertisements should be more versatile with models, so women see that no matter how short you are, how much you weight, how long your hair is, or whatever it is that everyone has their own beauty. The corporations are objectifying women to being nothing more than something to look at. The majority of today’s advertisements are full of sexy racy images. Sexuality is a very powerful force in this industry. Companies know that sex does sell so they use women to that advantaged.

Not only are women being objectified to how they look but now also to how sexual they are. Although sexiness is not harmful, once again women are only being seen as how they look and nothing more. They become very power-less and become almost like an “accessory” to the product being advertised. For example looking at the Budweiser ad the girl is naked and only her private parts are covered by bottle caps, her lips are parted she looks very flushed in red which is portraying sexual activity.

She also as the actual product placed a long side her vagina. Flip through any magazine and you will see images with products being placed over, around or near the private parts of the women making the image portray sex and sex acts. Women are being condoned to only their body and looks thanks to media now a day. Women even become “accessories” to men in these images, they are power-less. They become like dolls and are there simply for their looks. Many sexual images with men tend to show men having all power over the woman.

If you look at the Gucci advertisement you will see a man and women, the man is holding the woman by her face and is on top of her showing dominance over her and her lips are red and parted, as well as her eyes are very dark and sexy all being signs of sexual activity. The exploitation of women sexuality in this advertising industry is more than just selling products, it has many negative consequences. Every day, women are being defined by the shape and size of their bodies and their beauty, Thanks to television and magazines.

At a very young age, girls are being told what beauty is claimed to be, they get judged daily and are compared to what advertisements tell them they should look like. In Resisting “Beauty” Ideals (Women Voice’s, Feminist Views pg. 243) explains how women are objectified to how they look. The author explains how it has become a competition, he/she say’s “What is important from a feminist perspective is that reproductions of femininity, it is important to understand the bigger picture and be aware of the ways “beauty” ideals work o limit and objectify women, encourages competitiveness, and ultimately to lower women’s self-worth. ” Instead of being happy with one self, these advertisements are making women think less of themselves and think they need to look like this, smell like that, talk like that, dress like this in order to be beautiful. When in reality everyone is beautiful the way they are and these publishing companies should promote real natural beauty then promote sexual and unhealthy habits. Women are more than just something to look at.

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