Women in Law Enforcement

4 April 2015
A study of the adversities faced by professional women in law enforcement.

This paper examines the under representation of women in the law enforcement occupations as compared to women in many traditionally male jobs. The paper states that despite laws such as affirmative action, the presence of women is uncommon in higher-ranking offices such as sergeant or commissioner. It describes that women officers are often sexually harassed, receive lower pay in relation to men in their position and are often passed over for advancement for a male even if they are equally or better qualified. The paper offers methods to help reduce disparities if implemented correctly, such as enacting diversity education and training, actively recruiting, retaining and promoting female employees as well as providing a means of support for female officers will result in increased efficiency and employee satisfaction for the department as a whole.
“Occupations in law have traditionally been reserved for men. It was considered too dangerous, too risky and too difficult for women, women who did enter law enforcement were often times given desk jobs. Even during the 1960’s when women began to enter the job market with a vengeance, women were still persuaded from pursuing law enforcement occupations. Even today, there remains a disproportionate amount of females in such occupations. Additionally, the few women that are in these fields face various obstacles that include discrimination and harassment on the job. The plight of women in law enforcement can be compared to the plight of women in the corporate world, as both face similar obstacles and circumstances.”
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