Women in the Workplace

4 April 2015
A paper which studies women in today’s workplaces and their particular success in negotiating.

A paper which studies the reasons behind women’s distinct advantage in negotiating and communicating in workplace environments, using as an example the viewpoints of feminist author Deborah Tannen in her essays “Talking from Nine to Five”. It explores the gender issues such as the male reluctance to ask questions and the female’s veritable need to ask questions and women’s ability to compromise. Several examples are given to illustrate points.
“On the surface it seems that the woman’s questioning style takes a backseat to the man’s more straightforward and efficient negotiating demand, but is this really efficient? The woman suggests that her ideal negotiation would have allowed them to explore each other’s talents and abilities and split up the work accordingly. This does not happen in this example but the woman’s negotiation style actually fits better with division of labor principles. The woman’s negotiating style would have invested a little time and effort in the initial mutual determination of tasks but would have yielded large rewards with regard to the final work product both would be doing work at which they excelled. The current hierarchies in the workplace often don’t allow the woman’s style of negotiating but that doesn’t mean it isn’t more effective often it is, but Haraway’s sexual and gender differences sometimes compromise efficiency. ”

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