Women in the Workplace

4 April 2015
This paper discusses women in the workplace and gender inequalities.

A discussion of the truth behind claims of diminishing gender inequalities. The author looks at why despite their increasing participation within the labor force, many women in today’s world are still subject to unfair treatment in regard to pay, prospects and power. The findings are that society still condones a situation whereby women’s pay remains lower than that of men; where women are disproportionately represented in managerial and senior positions; and where women’s double burden of employment and child rearing results in the erosion of their employment rights and conditions.
The primary reason for writing a paper on the topic of Women in the Workplace is to establish the level of truth, or fallacy, that lies behind the increasingly widespread claims of diminishing gender inequalities. Few topics continue to provoke such a wealth of academic research, political discussion and controversial debate, as the lengthy battle for sexual equality and the ending of gender discrimination, yet there exists, within many areas of the public, a general misconception that the fight is now over.

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It is true that, during the last twenty-five years or so, a combination of government legislation and changing social attitudes, have contributed towards reducing the gulf of disparity that existed between men and women.

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