Women & Public Relations

4 April 2015
Changing roles in affecting public consciousness in politics, business, networking, promotion, media, image-making.

Although the term public relations was not coined until 1919, it did not emerge as a part of the public consciousness until the 1960s and 1970s (Mercer, 1989, p. 5). Today public relations has emerged as a thriving $0.5 billion-a-year industry with an expectation of a 12% annual growth rate (Mercer, p. 5). Scrutiny of these dates indicates that the growth of public relations, understood as the art of creating and sustaining a positive public image, coincides with important changes in the social and economic status of women. First, in 1919 at about the same time the phrase public relations was born, the American suffragette movement was successful in its campaign for women’s…
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