Women’s Living Standards in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

4 April 2015
An essay on the women’s view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the resulting lower standard of living of their people.

The paper describes the Palestinian women’s plight for better living conditions since the outbreak of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. It discusses that women are generally heads of households in Palestine. It briefly examines the Israeli female point of view and the de facto national house arrest as a result of terrorism. The paper also describes feminist demonstrations against the conditions.
In many ways, women have stood at the periphery, at least in the world’s eyes, in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To some ironic and terrible extent, this changed when female Palestinian suicide bombers began blowing themselves up earlier this year. The world appeared shocked and dismayed that women and children would join in the violence and bloodshed, begun and perpetrated by men, that has dominated the West Bank and the Israeli-occupied territories for so many years.

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