Woodstock /*94

9 September 2019

All I’ve got to say is if you like a diversity of music, get it. This soundtrack contains many hit songs from the most popular bands that played this spectacular event. From Nine Inch Nails to Joe Cocker to Cypress Hill, this album has many great bands. The quality is outstanding considering it was a live event. Green Day’s “When I Come Around” sounds better than the original and Live’s “Selling The Drama” makes you feel like you were there moshing in the mud. Nine Inch Nails’ “Happiness in Slavery” throws you right in the pit with loud vocals and techno-keyboard. There were also many mellow songs like Bob Dylan’s classic “Highway 61” and Peter Gabriel’s unique song “Biko.” From the first track to the thirtieth, this two disc/cassette album is great. I stress that if you like classic rock, alternative, grunge, and rap, pick yourself up a copy of “Woodstock ’94.” For those who like this album, there is also a Woodstock ’94 book and video

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