Worcester State University: Exploring the Opportunities

7 July 2018

Worcester State University will give me the tools and resources that I need to reach my oils and become successful in any professional field that I wish to be part Of. From the times I’ve visited Worcester State University, I found this institution as having a great environment with a dynamic student body, a superb academic faculty, and a supportive network that is there to assist and develop current students and graduates. This is a community that truly want to be part of.

Being part of an institution, I am aware of the typical, daily life of a college student.Having to balance academic work, collaborating with clubs and organization, and creating relationship with my peers and academic administrators, I have learned that I truly enjoy being involved and occupied with interesting tasks that will help me develop my analytical, organization skills and overall help me discover new things about myself and others. The relationships that build with my peers makes me not just a well rounded individual, but a stronger person who is willing to listen, observe, and understand new ideas and academic materials.When a task is presented to me, look for different ways to approach them and find a solution. In my experience in both the academic world and in the professional, I have learned that being successful requires one to look at wings from a different perspective to find not just one solution, but several. I admire those who think that way, and as a result, those who do, are successful in the professional setting.Because I observe anything that can help me succeed in life, I even examine the way successful individuals talk, how they carry themselves amongst others, and how they engage with a team when trying to solve an issue.

Worcester State University: Exploring the Opportunities Essay Example

All of this inspires me to work on my own identity so that people can remember me for how different I am and how accomplished my goals. In Worcester State University, I am hoping to find the challenges and tasks I deed to take on to become not just a better person, but a great professional in the filed of business. Understand that it takes more than just an average person to become successful.

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