Words Speak Louder Than Actions

9 September 2016

Many people would disagree, but all great speeches by famous people such as Martin Luther King, Jr. , Abraham Lincoln and even Adolph Hitler demonstrate that words are more powerful than actions. Strong words speak louder than actions. Actions are needed but sometimes your words can be more help than anything you could possibly do. Words can change the way a person views and idea. A person skilled with words can capture an audience and can even change the world just by talking.

When Martin Luther King, Jr. started his movement for equal rights he had a choice. He could lead a violent revolution of the people or lead the peaceful movement of equality. Mr. King decided to lead the peaceful movement and gave his I have a Dream speech. His words captured the hearts of a nation. His words held such meaning and power people had no choice but to listen. His words changed history forever. Mr. King’s speech is a perfect example of words being more powerful than action.

Words Speak Louder Than Actions Essay Example

If he had decided to take the capital by storm and rioting it would have had a complete opposite effect on the world. Sitting down and talking is almost always the better path. Words create thoughts and ideas. These thoughts and ideas are the beginning of change or resolution to a problem. Discussing a problem or speaking your mind can help other people to understand your point of view and possibly change their opinion to your opinion. In Hunger Games Katniss speaks to the crowd candidly and wins them over.

If she had not won them over with her words, she would not have gained sponsors, which in turn saved her life later down the line. Her candid words saved her life. During the presidential debate for the United States of America, both presidential candidates attempted to sway the voters to vote for them. They tried to speak respectfully and straightforward to the public. At the same time, they spoke condescending and biting against their opponent. Their words and the strength of their speech determined the leader of our great country.

I know first hand how words speak louder than actions. When my little brother was on the roof of our house and so afraid that he could not move. I stood under him on the ground and spoke to him in a matter-of-fact voice that was calm and comforting. My words kept him from being afraid and making a wrong decision that could potentially harm him. He was able to sit still until my dad could go up on the roof and bring him down safely. History, literature, current events and personal experience are just a few of the things in life that dramatically show that words speak louder than actions.

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