Work and Workers in the 21st Century

4 April 2015
This paper is a review of the book, “Workforce 2020: Work and Workers in the 21st Century” by Richard W. Judy and Carol D’Amico.

This paper details the many different workforce issues that are presented in the book, Work Force 2020 by Richard Judy and Carol D’Amico. The author discusses the different topics that are discussed in this publication, including the different trends that may shape the economy over the next twenty years and how hiring and recruiting practices may be affected. The book also deals with the affect of globalization on American business and how this also affects the workforce. Some of the other points raised in this paper are the effects of an aging population on medicare, social security and the health care system. The author feels that this publication is well-written and offers many creative solutions to some of the problems facing today’s workforce.
The book, Work Force 2020 examined the trends that shaped the economy and workforce and combined all into a different and new amount of study. The authors had set the record right on the demographic setup of the workforce in the years 2000 to 2020 and challenged the conservative wisdom on trends affecting American workers and employers. It has analyzed the significant emerging issues, along with the details that have brought the demographic changes in the workforce.

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