Explain what is meant by Diversity Equality Inclusion Describe the potential effects of discrimination Explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity Due Date Assessor Initial & Date Learner Initial & Date Feedback: Date SHC 33 Promoting equallty ana Inclusion Taskl criteria 1. 1 Explain briefly what is meant by the terms equality, diversity and inclusion. Write your answers in the boxes below, using examples in practice to support your answers. Diversity is the term used best to describe the wide variety of individuals that make p our community.

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For example: a community consists of a variety of different cultures, races, sex, religion, language etc… Equality means access or provision of equal opportunities, it is the state of being treated the same as everyone else. For example: Inclusion is simply the state of being included, It is about valuing all individuals, giving equal access and opportunity to all. For example: SHC 33 Promoting equality and inclusion Task 2 cntena 1. 2 Describe the potential effects of discrimination. Effects may include effects on: The individual

Families or friends of the individual Those who inflict discrimination Wider Society Dlscrlmlnatlon Is wnen you treat Inalvlauals 0T OITTerent DacKgrounas, cultures, religions, sex etc unequally. The potential effects of discrimination can be from the physical effects to the emotional and social effects. These are Just some of the ways and areas that discrimination affects individuals: Potential physical effects of discrimination: lack of sleep, loss or gain of weight, poor appetite, become very unwell.

Potential emotional effects of discrimination: low self esteem, depression, anxiety, nsecurity, lack of confidence. Potential social effects of discrimination: become isolated, become withdrawn from everything and everyone, lack of friends, inability to build relationships. The effects I have listed above do not Just apply to the individual but also his or her family and friends. The individual’s family become isolated from society through trying to protect their child and will often receive abuse from others because they have a family member that is seen to be different.

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