Work Breakdown Structure

4 April 2017

And also this business will be registered at Inland Revenue department of London for income tax purposes. This process will take about one month of time. I would need to take due permissions from the government in Latin America and Bolivia. Phase 3: -Newly opened multi storied building is available at the centre of the Santa Cruz city and there is a 1200 m2 office is available for rent. So this office will be adequate to open the consultancy company branch. It will take around one month of time. Phase 4: -So many equipments are required to start the business.

Some of the equipments that required for business are computers and various soft wares along with other technical parts. I would also require bigger machines for dismantling and need to make arrangements for logistics. It will take around two and half months of time. Phase 5: -Employees will be recruited by advertising in all the popular news paper which has high circulation in Bolivia. All the suitable applicants will be interviewed, short listed and selected. After recruiting employees, proper training will be given to them. It will take around two months of time.

Phase 6: -A promotional campaign will be done before the launch of the company. I would explore all the possible forces of promotion of the product. I would go for extensive publicity through internet by placing advertisement of the product on all the popular service providers like Yahoo; Google; Microsoft; apple etc. This would help in creating the awareness of the product to its maximum customers. The advertisement placed on these websites of service providers shall be eye catching, so that every individual browsing on these websites gets a glimpse of the benefits and features of the company.

It will take around two months of time. Phase 7: -After do all above things the building will be decorated and inside arrangements also will be done. It will take around one month of time. Phase 8: -Finally after finish all above things the company will be launched for customers. Therefore opening ceremony will be arranged and it will help to promote the business and make aware about the business among people. It will take around two weeks of time.

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