Work Experience

7 July 2016

In one way or another, all people work for the ultimate purpose of seeking a better life. My first job has taught me many lessons by introducing me to numerous situations that whether I liked it or not, gave me a taste of the real world. As most teenagers, my thoughts revolved around money. I was eager to see how quickly my money tree would grow and was curious to know how much I could buy with my very own, hard-earned money. Never would I have imagined that it would pay me in more ways than money, but with a much appreciated long-term life experience.

Okay, so I’m working at the local Subway. You and everyone you know can call me a sandwich genius. I am on my feet the entire time I’m working, catering to the customers’ needs, and providing what I consider the utmost best customer service possible. I greet each and every person with my 100 watt smile without fail, and seconds later the phrase, “how may I help you?” rolls off of my tongue without thought. Granted, I am only making minimum wage and I am fully aware that by asking what type of sub everyone must have to fulfill their needs is neither furthering my education nor helping me write this essay; however, working has exposed me to many experiences and responsibilities that I value more than any amount of money.

Work Experience Essay Example

The amount of responsibility I am constantly faced with can be overwhelming. This aspect of the job, though may seem small, has forced me to become comfortable in situations where there is high pressure, quick decision making, and people are obviously watching and judging me. The traits that I have gained during my first job experience will continue to help and follow me throughout the rest of my life as I seek a future career. Applying to Subway was just a means to my spending habit, but now I consider it just a mere and yet still significant stepping stone to the path towards my future.

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