Workforce Investment Act

4 April 2015
A look into this act and how it improves workers’ conditions.

This paper examines the new Workers’ Investment Act which was set forth to provide employers seeking jobs with more tools and assistance by providing aspects such as: education, training and information to better their standards and applications. This report looks at the policy making of this phenomenon.
“Policymaking is an important issue which affects business owners, elected officials, special interest groups, think tanks, and, most importantly, voters. Regardless of an individual’s political affiliation (if any), certain issues such as abortion, crime, education, the environment, and poverty are of national importance. An example of the importance of the policymaking process is the Workforce Investment Act that was implemented in 1998. In brief, the WIA creates a revitalized customer-focused workforce development system that uses a one-stop approach to provide employers and job seekers with the education, employment, information, technical assistance, and training necessary to further their careers.”

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