Working and Leading People

10 October 2016

It includes managing and organizing training to group of staffs. You are to make sure all the staffs are given required training to do their job and also cover all the future training. You will be working 9-5, between Mondays to Friday. You may sometimes have to travel between the stores to give training to the staffs and between company sites. Previous experience Applicants must have experience as training officer for minimum of 1 year. Degrees or postgraduate in business studies, human resources or communication is an advantage. Main duties Drawing training programs and courses for staffs (if needed consulting about required training with other managers)

* Producing training material for in house courses * Managing budget for training * Evaluating the individual and overall training programs * Managing, monitoring and reviewing the staff appraisals while ensuring staffs gets opportunity to develop further * Applicants have prove experience contributing to business strategy by learning and development * You are required to be communicator having the ability to work in all levels within the organization and have positive impact in the fast paced environment.

Working and Leading People Essay Example

They are mutual, co-operative, easy going and tactful. * Resource Investigator – Resource investigator is an outgoing person who has the ability to develop contacts, good communicate skills, exploring various opportunities and ideas while being enthusiasm enough to drive team effort.

Cerebral/Intellectual Role * Planter – Planter is good at solving problem and thinking out of box. * Monitor/Evaluator – Monitor are good in judgment with has strategic thinking ability. * Specialist – Specialists are a committed and focused person who learns and constantly build their knowledge. They are good resource to the team who supply information and knowledge in a team situation. A person can have strengths in more than one role stated above but also weaknesses in other roles. Example; a member can be a good implementer and coordinator but can be a bad completer. References

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