Working at Wal-Mart

4 April 2015
This paper covers the advantages of working at Wal-Mart. The paper covers the environment of a position at Wal-mart along with information on other details about Wal-mart. Although the paper covers the company’s main job attractions it focuses on a Financial Services Analyst position. The paper is broken up into history, locations, Wal-Mart Goods Work and Community Services, Role of representatives, benefits, health benefits, 401k, ethnics and culture, job description, requirements, advancement and salary, hiring process, provided training and education, disadvantages and a conclusion.
The company also regularly conducts a survey, which allows associates to confidentially raise difficult issues about their managers, policies and the company in general. The employees of Wal-Mart are trained to learn how to build relationships and to work well with others. They are committed to save costs and take smart ventures.
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