Working Capital Management

2 February 2017

Introduction: Working Capital is the lifeblood and controlling nerve of an organization. ONGC being a large organization, dealing in exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons requires a large amount of funds. The complexity and risks involved in exploration business like whole procedure of search of oil, geographical and physical conditions, day to day reduction in oil reserves and many other things tend to maintain a substantial amount of working capital. Hence, there is a need for proper management of working capital, so that day by day operations do not hamper; at the same time there would not be any idle investment in working capital.Number of Pages of Project Report: 60 Package Includes: Synopsis/Project Proposal + Project Report Project Format: Document (.

doc) Table of Contents of Project Report: Chapter 1: Introduction 1. 1. Preface 1. 2. Acknowledgement 1. 3. Meaning of Project 1.

Working Capital Management Essay Example

4. Executive Summary 1. 5. Objectives of the Project Chapter 2: Company Profile 2. 1 History of ONGC 2. 2 Profile of ONGC 2. 3 Global Ranking 2.

4 Vision and Mission of ONGC 2. 5 Community Development of ONGC 2. 6 Products of ONGC 2. 7 Subsidiaries of ONGC 2. 8 Research MethodologyChapter 3: Working Capital Management 3. 1 Meaning of Working Capital 3. 2 Kinds of Working Capital 3.

3 Need for Working Capital 3. 4 Factors determining the Working Capital Requirements 3. 5 Working Capital Cycle 3. 6 Components of Working Capital 3. 7 Working Capital Management in ONGC 3. 8 Position of Current Assets and Current Liabilities in ONGC 3. 9 Factors requiring consideration while estimating Working Capital 3.

10 Swot Analysis Chapter 4: Findings Chapter 5: Suggestions Chapter 6: Conclusions Chapter 7: Bibliography

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