Working Moms VS Non Working Moms

6 June 2017

Every mother has different circumstances to decide eather to stay home with their children or to resume work as soon as they can. Some families need the extra money to support their children while others make enough to live comfortably while only the father works. The world will never be happy with the way families choose to raise their children. Mothers that works and stay-at- home moms may raise their children differently, but neither is better than the other. Weather they are stay-at-home moms or working moms society will find a way to discriminate them.

Employed mothers seem to always get the bad end of the deal. Just because a other works does not mean that she is a bad mother. Her children may act out and people Just assume that it is probably because she is a working mom and does not spend much time with her children. People do not look into the situation. That mom may be a mom that works all day long and comes home and goes straight to bed, but she may also be a loving mother that comes home and cooks dinner for her family sun-e 2 and spends quality time with them outside of work.

Working Moms VS Non Working Moms Essay Example

Her children may Just be having a rough time at school or with friends. Research shows that daughters of employed others have higher academic achievement and greater career success. They have also been found to be more independent and show less acting-out behavior. Studies have shown that sons of employed mothers have lower I. Q scores. It has also been documented that the sons did well academically but their was a strain on their father-son relationship because men felt as if the women were running the family.

According to The Effects of the Mother’s Employment on the Family and the Child the majority of sons and daughters of employed mothers agreed that men could do female activities and women could do male activities. They said that both men and women were equal and that if a women was working all day it was only fair if her spouse helped do chores around their home. Children of working mothers have been shown to be more responsible at a younger age. If their mom is working the children would be asked to help do chores around the house.

They also have to learn to do things on their own sometimes because with their mom working they may not always be there at the exact time that they need them. A mother being employed does have some negative effects on a family, but for the most part a working mothers children howed higher test scores, good behavior, and daughters seemed to have more self- esteem. From television, people Just assume that stay-at-home have the perfect families. On TV, the kids of stay-at-home moms do great in school and behave really well, while of for their family.

In all actuality most stay-at-home moms have young children that they are constantly chasing around and taking care of so their homes may never really be that super clean house. They spend their days cleaning up after their children, cooking meals for their families, and spending quality time with their children teaching them Suire 3 things. Studies have actually shown that children with stay-at-home mothers score lower on many school standardized tests and IQ tests.

It has also been shown that children in these families do not believe that the mother can do things that their father can do, and that their father should not have to help clean and cook in the home. In most of the studies done in The Effects of the Mother’s Employment on the Family and the Child, the children of stay-at-home moms scored lower on nearly almost every test. The children seemed to be slower in school and less sociable. It was harder for them to interact with other children because most of them had Just een around their mother until it was time for them to begin their schooling years.

A lot of the children also had behavior issues. They got too much attention as a child so they were used to being the center of attention. They would act in in school so classmates and teachers would notice and give them the attention they were so used to always receiving. These children were also less independent. They were used to having everything handed to them by their mothers and expected everyone to Just do everything for them. Children with stay-at-home moms struggle more in school and have a harder time picking up on things.

Although studies have shown many negative things about children with stay-at-home moms, there are also many benefits. “Some experts in early childhood development believe there’s no substitute for the consistency and nurturing of parental care, especially if the alternative is poorly funded childcare. ” (http://www. babycenter. com/o_staying-at-home-pros-and- cons_6025. bc) Studies have shown that children that spend all day in daycares have more stress and agression than the ones cared for at home.

Stay-at-home mothers have the advantage of knowing that their children are being taken care of by a erson that will always be around. They also get to be there for all of their childrens firsts’ and it is not a stranger getting to see them walk or talk first. Staying home with children saves families a Suire 4 lot of money, because daycares can be very expensive. Stay-at-home moms are not how they are portrayed on television, but they are not bad mothers it is great that they can spend so much time with their children while they are young.

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