Working Near Home vs. Working Far Away

10 October 2016

Near Home vs. Working Far Away From Home Working near home is always better than working far away from home unless you just hate your home environment. When I think of working near or far from home, I think more in terms of living far from your roots rather than just a long or short commute every day. No matter how you interpret the concept of working near or far from home, near is always my first preference. Working near home means you have already established friends and a support system.

Nobody is more ready to give a helping hand in the same way as family, at least my family. You are already familiar with the area, so getting lost is less likely. Need milk? Working near your familiar environment means zip zip and you are there and home again because you know your way around. Working near home also means you can live with your parents and save money. Now that’s a huge benefit. Getting started in your own place is expensive. Sure you can pick up free furniture from folks advertising free stuff, and sure your parents will contribute stuff from the attic.

Working Near Home vs. Working Far Away Essay Example

But, it’s not the same as buying nice new stuff for a swank new apartment. The draw-back to working near home is that your personal growth may not develop. This may not necessarily be the case, but you should be careful to not let your personal growth become stale. Be sure to grow your social network both personally and professionally. This will help stimulate progressive thinking that will keep your ideas fresh. Also remain very conscientious about keeping yourself open to new opportunities.

Working far from home makes it more difficult for family to come around and help when you can use extra hands. Suppose you get settled and decide the location doesn’t work well for you. Now you need help moving! Well you may not have made really good friends that are willing to give you that kind of help. Moving is hard work – really hard work. Friends that will help you with moving heavy boxes and furniture take time to cultivate. You’re single. With whom will you go out and hang with? Meetup. com is a great tool to make friends, but it will be very lonely for a while.

The benefits of working far from home is that you will not have to worry about falling into a comfortable rut as you would if you were to work near home. You are more likely to be forced to expand your personal and professional social network. Unless you’re a hermit, your sanity will demand it. You’ll be forced to explore your area, learn your way around, and will hopefully cultivate a larger sense of adventure. Adventure can be very healthy in moderate doses. My preference is to work near home, save money, then move to places unknown and explore. I’m ready for it.

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