Working with Leading People

9 September 2016

The Indian Institute of Science (IISC) has requirement of Assistant Professor for next coming Year. The details can be got on site https://sites. google. com/site/newfacultyiisc/recruitment. You are part of the Recruitment team so recommend the Recruitment Procedure to be followed to guide the other members of the Team and for documentation purpose. You need to select two Resumes from the any job portals or website and analyze which of these is suitable candidate for the job with logical reasons. This example will illustrate the Recruitment procedure details which cannot be all written down. Task. 1 – (P1. 1)

Prepare the Recruitment Procedures for the above case and document it, show the actual selection pathway followed Task . 2 – (P1. 2) Assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process for above case Task . 3 – (P1. 3) Identify the various roles involved in the selection process demonstrate such roles through a group role play Guidelines: You can be part of the Interviewing team, recruitment team, the person being interviewed but you need to provide evidence being part of the selection process by video clips, audio, telephonic conversation, under observation or any other method

Working with Leading People Essay Example

Task 4 – (P. 1. 4) Identify and evaluate your own contribution to selection process in the above Role play . Scenario 2: (Hypothetical case) Nelson is the Director of a medium-sized Educational Institution offering vocational Education. He has Program Manager under him Thompson. Thompson has been with the company for over 6 years and his first job was working in a hotel Industry as Restaurant Assistant Manager. He has done his diploma in Hospitality in London. Thompson directly manages a team of around 5 Lecturers and 5 Instructors who between them are responsible for delivering the classroom lectures for various courses.

Nelson’s leadership style is usually to take most operational decisions. However, if, for example, some minor changes need to be done, Nelson may allow Thompson to respond. Thompson on his own does not like taking decisions and likes to listen to the boss and if not take ideas from the subordinates. The Institute is a prime Institute under the Government of Abu Dubai UAE and started for making the local people employable in the UAE by providing them with the skills and knowledge to take up jobs in the local companies, who have been instructed by the government to employ at least 10% of the employees as locals.

There are some leadership approaches that sit between autocratic and democratic. These styles allow team participation up to a point. However, the manager reserves the right to make the final decision. Managers adopting an ‘I sell’ philosophy will try to persuade their teams to accept their viewpoint. Managers adopting an ‘I consult’ approach will seek the opinions of subordinates before taking a decision. This is moving closer to a democratic style of management. The best managers adopt leadership styles appropriate to the situation. Task . 5

Explain the skills and attributes needed for leadership (P. 2. 1) Task . 6 Explain the difference between leadership and management (P. 2. 2) Task . 7 Identify and compare the leadership styles of Nelson and Thompson (P. 2. 3) Task . 8 2. 4 Explain how to motivate the 10 People under Thompson be motivated (P. 2. 4) Task . 9 Explain the benefits of team working for an organization like the above Institute P3. 1 Task . 10 You have been selected as Team Leader to make presentation and get business from local companies like Qatar Airways, Qatar Petroleum and Doha Municipality, Barwa Bank etc.

Task . 11 Review the effectiveness of the team in achieving the above goals P3. 3 Scenario 3 You are the HR Manager of the Institute Project and need to make report to the board members regarding the progress of the members of the vocational Institute. Task . 12 Explain the factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance for the above members P4. 1 Task . 13 Make a plan to assess the development needs of individuals and how to implement it P4. 2 Task . 14 How will you evaluate the success of the assessment process with respect to the goals P4. 3

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