Workplace Safety

1 January 2017

This is celebrated as the first time this number is coming below 1 million. Also reported is the incidence rate which decreased by 6 percent to 106 cases per 10,000 full-time workers in the private sector-a decline from 113 in 2008. There is really a momentum on workplace safety! Interestingly, the need to reduce incident at the work place is as important as reducing cost and growing the bottom-line of the business.

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The free online resource, WIKIPEDIA (2011), writes that workplace safety is the responsibility of management who will have the duty to establish a focus by ensuring commitment, accountability, education, and awareness among others. In an article by Health and Safety Executives UK (2010), it was noted that employees also have great role to play in ensuring that the work place is safe. People that do the job can recognize potential risks based on experience, put or suggest practical controls and make a commitment to safety in their workplace.

Some roles that we will need to play to make the work place safer include but not limited to the following 1. Discussions with our team to identify risk and measures to manage the risks. 2. Inform appropriate personnel about potential risks to safety during regular meetings or on an informal basis. 3. Support our team by developing their personal work skill and allowing some level of control and initiative so as to prevent stress which might increase the risk of incidents. 4. Actively review and ensure maintenance of Personal Safety Action Plan as agreed by the teams

Some Roles I will play include 1. Objectively report abnormal and unsafe workplace behaviours and activities so as to find ways to prevent the occurrence of incidents. 2. The use of PPE as required by any task 3. I will ensure that permits are issued or available for high risk jobs. Where permits are not available for work requiring it, I will discuss with the units supervisor to understand the perceived gap and discuss ways to manage it. Reference 1. BUREAU FOR LABOUR STATISTICS. (2010).

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