6 June 2018

Muskrat Ban Swahili Disgusts XSL Disabled In December 2013, an alumnus, Subhuman Rare, visited our school. He was among the science students of the batch 2012-13.

We can proudly say that one of our seniors, someone who we saw playing around in the corridors and getting scolded by teachers is now a to-be defense officer, and that too from an institution as prestigious as the National Defense Academy. When we first saw him after all this time, we were shocked to see how much he had changed.He visited the school to share his achievements and experiences on how he went about the preparations for the entrances and particularly the AND entrance exam. He told us about the various stages he had to cross to get into the academy and about what an aspiring entrant should take care of while facing those tests, interviews, group discussions and assessments. As he told us about all the challenges he had to face, even the students who don’t share his goals were overwhelmed by a feeling of awe and enthusiasm ND were motivated by his words.Deep down we all ponder about what we will take up as a career, but his words surely ignited a spark within us. Now we all will seriously take up his advices and focus on our aim and work very hard to achieve it.

The most important thing that he made us realize is that the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… These are the keys that will unlock the door to your personal excellence.

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