World Food Supply Verses World Population

4 April 2015
A look at the growing population and what this means for world food supply.

This paper analyzes the food supply available in the world and compares it to the rapidly growing world population. The author examines world food distribution and how it effects world hunger arguing that distribution is unequal. Includes arguments by various critics.
“The increase in food production over the past 200 years has been greater than the increase in population. So we ask, Why do nearly twelve million children per year die of hunger? That number is more than the number of people who died each year in World War II, and these are children, not soldiers, we are talking about. (Lappe 2). It has been proven that there is enough food in the world for everybody to be sufficiently healthy. The problem is that this food has not been distributed equally among countries. With the world’s population expected to grow fifty percent by the year 2050 to 9.37 billion, What are the odds we can feed everybody then when we can’t even do it now? This is a question that has been studied, pondered, and written about extensively for years. Many people have different thoughts and opinions about it. Something definitely will have to be done in the future. The question is what.”
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