World Population

10 October 2016

Many people have expressed great concerns about the rate of growth as well as the size of the world’s population. During the last 50 years, the world population has doubled rapidly more than ever before giving a global population of 7 billion. At the beginning of the population increase, there were many factors that caused it to grow. With the industrial revolution came advances in agriculture and industry that provided a way for individual families to be able to afford more children.

Increases in our knowledge about nutrition and medicine helped us to have more healthy babies. When women take care of their bodies better, they are more fertile and therefore can have more children. With cures for fatal diseases including antibiotics and vaccines, these children are also able to live longer. There has been an increase in fertility due to a number of factors including a reduction in the average age at which menarche occurs and an increase in the number of menstrual cycles a woman has in her lifetime.

World Population Essay Example

The human populations in different regions grew or declined in response to birth, death, migration, and disease. It is estimated that the world population will be at or above 9 billion people. We must really begin to take control of how many people live on this earth. If we’re not careful, earth’s resources will be will be gone. People as a whole must put forth our best effort in trying to maintain balance between us and earth.

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