World Religions Study Guide

Review for final exam Definition of religion Religion Is belief that social norms, traditions, myths and symbols will Impart wisdom, comfort, hope and balance and enable one to transcend death Definition of church, denomination, sects, cults An official religion of a country or state Is a major societal religion in a country or state A small, anti social religion with a closed membership A small, antl social religion with a closed membership, and a living charismatic founder Founders of rellglous studies sgmund freud- religion in a mere illusion Shamans

Are people who are attuned to the spirit world of animals and people and deal with that world on behalf of others Tocaboga’s belief in three souls Their shadow, their Image in a pond, and the pupil of their eye Burial customs of Neanderthal Food, tools, and weapons left for the afterlife Burial customs of Cro-Magnon Ornaments such as shell bracelets and hair circlets, stone tools, weapons, and food. Deceased were painted with red ochre Bear cult of Neaderthal Setting apart the skull for possible reverence Muhammad Founder of Islam, angel Gabriel, the last prophet Quran reciting, only be read in Arabic, holy scripture

Ka’ba Was built by Abraham, was a big black metor and landed in mecca Meaning of the term “Islam” Submission and peace Meaning of the term “alQaeda” base A1-Ghazzali Synthesized sunni teachings with sufl mysticism Sufism Mysticism, wool clad Sunnis and Shi’ite and their origins Death of all caused the split between the sunni and shl’ltes Tanak Jewish scripture Torah Hrst Tlve DooKs In lanaK Moses Received an oral covenant Abraham Received a written covenant Effects of Zoroastrianism on Judaism Inspired influx of Jews worry arab settlers Mishna “repetition”, thousands of legal instructions

Holocaust Anti Semitism(henry ford), hitler, forced intp ghettos, extermination camps, caused Jews to do soul searching Sephardim Jews who fled Spain to the middle east Ashkenazim Jews who fled Poland and surrounding areas Yiddish German and hebrew Reform Very relaxed, not strict at all, they can eat whatever and they have women rabbis and bat mitzvahs Orthodox Very strict adderance to the tanak, they only have men rabbis and bar mitzvahs, also kosher Conservative They have women rabbis and bat mitzvahs but they also do there ethical teachings from the torah Zionist movement

Toleration of Jews was short lived and superficial Nation of Israel, formation and battles Israel survived battle for existence against Arab neighbors after British allowed its independence. Orthodox Jews protested against formation of Israel. Palestinian-Israel conflict.

Resurgence of Anti-Semitism Historical sources for Christianity Dual nature of Jesus Body+ soul holy spirt+divine soul Pentecost Birthday of Christanity, holy spirit descends down on them and gives the girft of languages and courage Transubstantiation The transformation of bread and wine into Jesus’ body and blood Constantine and he legalization of Christianity he needed to hold the empire together so to gain more power he decided to make christianity the state religion Martin Luther and the 95 Thesis Martin Luther, German Augustinian monk, rebelled against indulgences, 1517 (95 Theses).

Protests expanded to sola fide and sola scriptura. Excommunicated. Henry VIII and the Church of England He couldn’t get a divorce Theological difference between a statue and icon Statues are 3-dimensional, and icons are flat (2-dimensional) images. Icons tend to be somewnat styllzea, wnere tne statues are more IITe 11Ke. More or less. I ne use Is ifferent though. Icons tend to be a focus for prayer. They are not prayed to, but, put God in one’s mind.

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