World Study

6 June 2017

How would you describe World View Travel? What kind of agency it is? Based on the readings, World View Travel Is a successful company. They are willing to satisfy the needs of their customers. They provide personal assistance to those who want to ask questions about their service. I must say that they are quite Impressive for giving the best service around their area. As for their agency, they are excellent and have a good-outlook for the future.

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They are very competitive which Is good and can be the best travel agency In the city one day. 2. What do you consider to be the primary strengths and weaknesses of this company? The primary strength of the company would be the people working and how they are so dedicated to their work. They might be small in numbers but they provide the best service they can give. Also, the enthusiasm of the owner Itself- Rene. Why? Because she makes sure that everybody is happy in what they are doing and always have positive outlook for the future. The only weakness I saw was their location.

It is said that they are only leasing a space and the sign/logo of the company is not big enough to be notice by the public. I suggest that they should move to a bigger place and make a big slang/logo for the customer. 3. Which of the four marketing “AS” (product/package, price, place, promotion) have contributed directly to the success of World View? I think all of the four marketing “AS” contributed to the success of the company because they complement each other. They give the best product with a reasonable amount In a great place with some benefits to It.

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