World War 2

8 August 2016

The first essay G. I Joe: Fighting for Home by John Morton Blum and the second essay American Liberals: Fighting for a Better World by Alan Brinkley both ‘look at the experience of the war from different vantage points: that of the soldier fighting for his own elemental survival as well as for his country, and that of the society back home. ” John Morton Blum retiree of Yale University depicts “combat soldiers as largely disconnected from the geopolitical goals articulated by President Roosevelt.

” Each soldier had his own individual motivation entering into the war but all had the same reason to win the war, to make it home. Home was what encouraged the troops to fight. The Saturday Evening Post ran a series asking soldiers what they were fighting for, they were quoted saying “I am fighting for that big house with the bright green roof and the big front lawn”… “that girl with the large brown eyes and the reddish tinge in her hair. ” Blum describes the GI as a homely hero, the common good man and the peoples’ hero.

World War 2 Essay Example

The soldiers had no visible purpose but winning the war so that he could return to comfort. Alan Brinkley of Columbia University discusses the effects of World War II on the domestic character of the United States. Brinkley states the war changed American—its society, its politics, and… its image of itself. The large movement of African Americans from the rural South to the urban North was one of the most visible demographic changes that resulting after the war.

More African Americans were hired because of the growing industrial activity. Also woman as a whole entered the paid workforce for the first time during the war. Brinkley says the most common and important observation about the domestic impact of World War II is that it ended the Great Depression and launched an “era of unprecedented prosperity. ” He states “out of the visions came some of the postwar crusaders of American liberals – the battle for racial justice, the effort to combat poverty, the expansion of individual rights. ”

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