World War

1 January 2018

The ascendancy of the War of 1 812 was a colossal upswing toward America remonstrating into its own country because of the national unity, pride and integrity the win provided its people. The morale of the people soared greatly because they pulled off the greatest victories of all time by defeating one of the most prevalent military dynasties of the entire world and also managed to survive and prosper in the mean time. It also demonstrated to the entire world that the United States had the capabilities to preserve and protect itself from foreign invading threats.The victory enhanced the United State’s self assurance and assent in the military to defend the nation’s newly established freedom, dignity and honor. Clays American scheme or system was an economic plan consisting of the inauguration of protective tariffs, to formulate a national bank, and to reform the nation’s infrastructure. Protective tariffs protected Americans from depreciated and cheap imports.

America desired a strong national bank to assist them in regulating moneyed to get funding for internal development proposals such as highways or roads.Amidst the most decisive internal placements unified under the American System were the Erie Canal and the Cumberland Road. He requested to consolidate the country by harmonize the industrial with the agriculture and have a strengthened infrastructure and fiscal nationalism for better self sufficiency. The National Bank contrived a form of currency and assisted them in compensating the debt that was gained due to the Revolutionary War. In 181 6, there was a second twenty year charter. It was established during the administration of United States President James Madison to stabilize and reserve the currency.The instillation of a national bank escorted renovation in transportation because now road systems could be funded with out any problem.

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These innovations in transportation were exceptional for communication around the country, which helped direct messages or information in a faster and more expedient way. In 181 8, the national road began the spreading of road systems that bounded the newly founded west coast to the old east routes. The Erie Canal was constructed in New York and ran from the Hudson River to Lake Erie, pulling the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean.The Loose Construction of the elastic clause granted even more authority to congress and conceded Thomas Jefferson to invest and buy the Louisiana Territory. The Louisiana Purchase was more than five-hundred and thirty million acres of land bought from the French in 1803. The loose construction further granted the constitution to be more malleable when the Congress needed to illuminate complications. The purchase was an essential juncture in the presidency of Thomas Jefferson because it was considered to be by most unconstitutional.

In the many years following the War of 181 2, nationalism amidst the United States had In the years following the War of 1 812, nationalism among American citizens had grown vastly developed. The mark of American pride, the National Anthem, was drafted during this era. Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem while he was a prisoner on a battleship and conceived a sensibility of The trademark of American pride, the National Anthem, was written during this time. Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem while prisoner on a warship and created a sense of solidarity in America that will echo forever.

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