World Wide Web

1 January 2017

The web has been a place of refuge for many people from all works of life in the sense that one can virtual find answers or clues to many of the so call questions that one may stumble on regarding ones day to day activities (Walt Howe, 2010) from looking up a friend on Facebook, initiating a date or blind date, reading latest news (even from another countries or continents), making orders and even paying bills. The internet has actually made a lot of things possible, and the pages that are accessed on the web are helped by the technologies that makes up the internet.

Arpanet had done a great work providing us with the technologies that can switch packets which helps network data (Lan Peter, 2005). The concept of the web was actually developed after the second world war by researcher who want their works to be accessed by other research across the globe. Vannevar Bush who many often referenced as the web’s theoretical father based on his popular essay at the time which as actually encouraged the developers of internet and the web. (http://www. centerspan. org/tutorial/www. tm)

World Wide Web Essay Example

Now looking at the world wide web from its humble beginning to where we stand today one would have to do more than exaggerating when trying to predict what effect the web will have on people in the nearest future. Presently many things can be achieved by the use of the web today, even the content of the database can be may to be displaced in the web and a whole file can be hyperlinked to a web for everyone who visit the web and may want to see the content of the file (Deitel & Deitel, 2008).

What can we therefore predict about the future effect of the web based on the volumes of documents that are presently available on it today, either to me/us or the children growing or the ones yet to be born? I keep wondering if our children will have to sit within the walls of any classroom to learn whatsoever they need to be learn as many more online tutor and more (simple and easy to learn for dummies) textbooks.

I will also want to say that in the nearest future the web will be very light to be able to displace images on any device that is use to access the webs, and the visuals will be great for swift deliveries and more people will no more have to buy news papers as more news will be available on the web for readers. Therefore going by the way the web is growing today and the technologies that are available to us today, I will like to say that the effect of the internet on us all and our children will be great and both the good, the bad and the ugly are there on the world wide web for us all.

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