Worldview of Nichiren Buddhism

The major problem for human is as human cannot avoid and every human must go through Born(? ), Old(? ), Suffering(? ), and Death(? ). This also the reason why Shamuniyah leave his luxary life as prince and go for journey to discover the reason and salvation. As mentioned before, all human have Buddha nature and they can manifest Buddha nature and challenge any difficulties around us by evoking Nam-Myo-Ho-Renge-Kyo (??????? ) Ritual and Symbols Ritual are actions repeated according to exact required order and it also serve the way of human communicates with God.

The prayers will face Gohonzon morning and evening everyday. The Gohonzon actually is the mirror image of the prayer. It is a practises which named as Gong-Kyo (?? ). Gohonzon(??? ) is the object of devotion in Nichiren Buddhism. Go means “worthy of honour” and honzon means “object of fundamental respect”. The prayers carry out their daily practice to the Gohonzon, a visual representation of the life-state of Buddhahood inherent in all people. Life after deathPeoples always wondering where will they go after died and that why religion is exists and required to provide an answer.

But, different religion will interpret different view and perspectives about the issue. In Nichiren Buddhism, lifes is internal and there is no external or last forever (???? ). A person’s life comes from the universe and it will go back universe when the person died. Then, the person will be reborn again, but it might not on earth gain, it may goes to other planet or will be reborn in other form.

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