Worship: Initiation & The Churches by Leonell Mitchell

4 April 2015
Critical review of study of early Catholic practices, writings of church fathers & relevance to modern worship.

Leonel L. Mitchell has obviously devoted much of his religious life to the study of church history, particularly with respect to Christian initiation (including baptism, confirmation, anointing with oil (chrismation), the laying-on of hands, and the eucharist) and accompanying liturgical works which have been handed down through the ages. Indeed, he begins his introduction to Worship: Initiation and the Churches (Washington, D.C.: The Pastoral Press, 1991) with the statement: Thirty years ago, in 1961, my first article on Christian initiation appeared in print (v). Accordingly, the various chapters in this book are a compilation of other works which have been written and/or revised in the intervening thirty years. Dr. Mitchell is an Episcopal cleric who has served on the Standing Liturgical Commission of…
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