Wrecking Ball/We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus

7 July 2019

Miley Cyrus is surely trying to make a new name for herself, trying to be “black” as some people have called it. Most people can’t grasp onto the fact that she has grown up, and as much as I too miss the Hannah Montana’s blonde Californian girl, she had to give up her wig to face real life. When she first got her haircut I really liked it, she was trying on a new personality, something bold and edgy like her personality. I think this was her first step to branching out, and once again trying to break free of the Hannah Montana image she has been associated with.

With her many news breaking actions she has performed in the past years; from when she had booty shorts on and danced on a pole while singing Party in the USA, to the viral video of her smoking marijuana, to the video of We Can’t Stop, to ultimately her performance at the 2013 VMAs where she twerked, and touched Robin Thicke provocatively. Once she performed this, I was shocked, and I was just taken by surprise. As everyone hated on her, I come to realize she is succeeding on what she wants, to change her persona, and have it be known, and advertising it. The almost 21 year old has made yet another shocking video for Wrecking Ball, from her soon to be released new album Bangerz where she was sitting nude on a wrecking ball, and making out with a sledgehammer. This video has received a lot of criticism, and I can see why, but once you stop to listen to the lyrics you realize how hard of a time she is facing. Losing someone really close to her, and facing a broken heart, and the deep depression that follows that. Yet another major turning point in her transition to becoming an adult within herself.

Overall, I think we have a lot to learn about Cyrus, and her decisions, and a lot we can learn from it. Most importantly we can learn that she is going through similar things we are, being hormonal teenagers, being bullied, and trying to figure out who we want to be. I believe that her new album Bangerz is going to show a lot about her transition, into complete adult hood, and that we shouldn’t jump to judging her, she may or may not be another Lindsay Lohan, but judging from her decisions, she is just an artist trying to make it in a struggling world. Remember, we were taught to treat others the way we want to be treated, so do we want thousands of people criticizing and condemning who we are, or who we want to be?

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