Wretched And Divine by Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides new release “Wretched And Divine”. First off, i will give some information about the album before starting the actual review. “Wretched And Divine” is Black Veil Brides third studio record. It is also a rock opera concept punk rockish album, lead singer Andy says “ Its Social Distortion meets Metallica”. They had a showing of the visual story of “Wretched and Divine” on Facebook and it was called “Legion Of The Black”. The lead single of the album is “In The End” and is one of the best tracks on the album. This album is all cast around the “Wild Ones” and the organization known as F.E.A.R. which stands for For Each And Every Religion. John Feldman produced this album.

I find this album to be their absolute best one yet! They have definitely blew this one away. The musical talent of this five amazing men is phenomenal with the vocal talents of Andy, destructive drums, shredding sexyness of the guitar and the bass groove. This album is perfect in my book, i mean yeah nothing is absolutely perfect but this is as close as you can get to it! I do not really have a favorite track in this album because they are all so amazing that I couldn’t choose but I am really fond of the amazing intro to the album titled track “Wretched and Divine” and the eerie yet epic intro of “Shadow’s Die” then the following booming pre verse and verse of “Shadow’s Die”. You cannot get much better than this album if you are a hard rock/metal fan, I don’t care who you are. I have covered two songs of this album, that being “In The End” and “We Don’t Belong” and I know how to also play “Wretched and Divine” and “Shadow’s Die”. These songs have such amazing lyrics and music that it makes it so perfect and the lyrics aren’t just made up for no reason, they have meaning and its beautiful. Not to mention that the shredding solo’s in these songs are absolutely insane and very difficult, also including the harmonies that Jinxx provides, also including his amazing violin skills.

This amazing record was number one on iTunes Top Album charts and the single “In The End” was number six on iTunes Top Rock Songs. This album has received both praise and criticism towards the concept of the album, the singing, the interludes and lyrics. It was rated ten stars out of ten by Metaloud. It was rated 5/5 stars by Artistdirect, and also rated 3.5/5 stars by Alternative Press. This band has one of the best sounds I have ever heard and I cannot wait to hear the next record whenever that may be.

In Conclusion, this is definitely my number one album of the year, I listen to it so much it is crazy. This band gets so much crap about their music and their look but i am one to say i absolutely love this band and their message and their music, its one of the best bands of all time. Regardless of what the “Haters” say, this band has one of the biggest and most loving fan base of just about any other band and I know in my heart that they will never quit because of the haters. Never give in.

Members :
Andy Biersack – Lead Vocals
Jake Pitts – Lead Guitar
Jinxx – Rhythm Guitar
Ashley Purdy – Bass Guitar/ Backup Vocals
Christian Coma “CC” – Drums

Facts –

– The song “Carolyn” is after Jake’s mother Carolyn.
– BVB is a Rock N’ Roll band, not emo, not goth, or satanic.
– The only original member of BVB is Andy
– They formed in Ohio.
– They started in 2006
– The Black Veil Brides name is about the nuns marrying into the church and giving up the cardinal pleasures of life as they know it. It has no religious meaning, since Andy is not religious.

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