Writing an Explanatory Paper

5 May 2017

Writing an explanatory paper What motivates some individuals to volunteer or perform community service? On my way to church one Saturday morning, I happen to noticed quite a few young people with card board signs in their hands as I drove through my community. They were standing on the sidewalks waving their signs left and right. As the traffic came to a stop at a traffic light, some of them rushed to my vehicle and asked for donations. While dropping a few dollars into one of their cups, I happen to notice their signs reading “Support the relief of Haiti”.

As I continued on my Journey I pondered the question, what motivates individuals to volunteer or perform community service? Many people today perform community service because of various reasons such as; it saves resources, brings people together, and promotes personal growth and self esteem. However religious obligations and service hour’s requirement for programs are the top reasons that motivate individuals to perform community service. Throughout the world many people for instance Christian, are always seen performing various types of volunteer work.

Writing an Explanatory Paper Essay Example

Christianity often encourages believers to partake in community service. In American culture money is one of the central ways we denominate value. However, a life of Christian service will include the giving away of a more valuable asset than money, and that is time. The giving away of time is often noted as being Christ like. Most people are motivated to volunteer because of sharing of love and the need to support. The gospels emphasize the importance of providing services to others. When asked how to inherit eternal life, Jesus Christ himself indicated that loving God nd loving your neighbor as yourself (Luke 10:27).

The parable of “The Good Samaritan” is a good example of how the person who loves his neighbor is the one who provides service to him (Luke 10:25-37). According to the Bible, everyone is your neighbor and you love your neighbor by providing him service when he is in need. Throughout the gospels Jesus Christ was known for giving much of his time and services where he dwelled by helping the misfortunate, thus teaching his followers to be like him. Today, as a result, Christians are following in Christ footsteps.

They are een volunteering their time and services in places like homeless shelters, hospitals and in less fortunate countries as missionaries. Christians are known throughout the world for performing community service as a religious obligation. Community service has now become beneficial to school systems. It’s been implemented that volunteerism is now a graduation requirement for high school students in hundreds of school districts around the country. Many schools have done this most successfully through service-learning programs, which tie community- service projects to academic studies.

For example, students at Martin County High construction. With their training the students then go into a low income community day care and construction sites and volunteer those services. Reports by, The Corporation for National and Community Service states that service learning increase students attendance, grade, and community involvement, among other benefits. Service hour’s requirement is also an advantage for students heading to the Job market. For instance, when creating resumes experience gained while performing community duties can be added and count toward experience within certain fields.

Volunteering in the community for service hours is an advantage for students and their future. Love is kindness, sharing and giving. Volunteering usually promote those Jesters thus, bringing people together. Community service is not Just an obligation it is a life style. People who perform community service are merely following Christ example as mention throughout the gospels. Community service also serves as a condition that meets and fulfills program requirements. For instance, high school students benefit from community service a great deal as well. Overall community service satisfies a good cause.

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