Writing an Informative Speech

1 January 2018

The Informative Speech Approaches to Presenting Information Operational definition – Defines something by explaining what it does Definition by negation – Defines something by explaining what it is not Definition by example – Provides examples of the subject Definition by synonym – Defines one term by comparing it to another Definition by etymology – Illustrates the definition by explaining the root of the term Etymology – origin of words, how words came to be.Describing Information Be as vivid as you can in your descriptions of people, places, events, processes, and objects. Explaining Information Demonstrating Information Demonstrations generally focus on how to do something or how something works. Categories Objects People Speeches about People Inform about historically significant Individuals and groups, those who have made Speeches about Processes Guidelines for Effective Informative Speeches Strive for BalanceEmphasize the Topic’s Relevance to Your Audience Define Your Terms Refine Your Message through Repetition Relate Old Ideas to New Ideas Tell your audience exactly what you want them to get out of the speech.

Use Visualization Visualization is an effective way to ensure that audience members have a solid grasp of what you are talking about before moving on to the next point. Visualization helps build Interest. Incorporate Presentation Aids 1 OFF pictures, graphs, charts, video, audio, and multimedia are often more understandable and believable than those that are simply visualized.

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