Writing and Body Paragraph

12 December 2016

Choose one of the following questions and write an essay including a short introduction, a body paragraph, and a short conclusion. If you’d like help, you can use the writing process guide, or you can go straight to the test response section. You will be scored only on the test response section.

Identify one societal value in Beowulf. Explain how that value is reflected in Beowulf (refer to at least two separate instances from the text where this value appears), and then discuss the place of that value in our own society. Is it as important to present-day society as it was to the Anglo-Saxons? Why or why not? B. Identify a universal theme in Beowulf. Using examples from the text to back up your argument, explain why this theme is universal, and discuss how the theme applies to your own life.

Writing Process Guide Step 1: Define Your Topic Rewrite the prompt of your choice in your own words.

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Step 2: Make an Outline You can use the simple graphic organizer below to write an outline for your essay: Introductory paragraph hook: Thesis statement (Write the claim you are making and will support. ): Topic sentence for body paragraph: Supporting ideas for body paragraph.

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