Writing and Comparative Reading

6 June 2017

Handout on Comparative Reading for English 2 Description: The requirement is Inspired by Lisa Bu’s experience with reading. She found happiness in the world of books after losing her dream of becoming a Chinese opera singer. Her experience synthesizes the reading texts covered In the first part of the preliminary grading period on: What is Reading, Stages of Reading, Importance of Reading, Processes of Reading, and The Types of Reading. Having her experience and Insights as a model, you are expected to come up with the same reflection process on your experience with reading and how it influenced your skills or perspective about the world.

Guidelines in Writing the Comparison and Contrast Essay On Content: The Comparison and Contrast Essay consists of: 1 . a complete argument on the reading experience, an analysis of the likenesses and differences between two texts, and an evaluation of the superiority of one text over the other 2.

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an interesting introductory paragraph with a clearly defined thesis statement that illustrates the purpose, audience and contents of the essay 3. five or more evidentiary body paragraphs that presents the comparisons and contrasts that are carefully supported by accurate and strong evidential support from the text Note:

Three Writing Techniques from Muller & Weiner (2013, p. 257): a. The Block Method requires that the writer put all the points about one side in one part of the essay, and all the points about the other side together in another part of the essay. b. In the Alternating Method, the writer explains one point about (the text) and then immediately gives the contrasting point about (the other). c. The Combination Pattern allows the writer to use both alternating and block techniques. 4. an insightful conclusion on the reading experience and one’s relationship with reading upon completion of the project On Format:

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