Writing and Hook

7 July 2016

What stylistic elements does King use to influence his readers? After reading and analyzing “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” write an essay in which you answer the question and analyze structure and language in his text, providing three or more examples to illustrate and clarify your analysis. What conclusion can you draw about the power of this text? 1. Look back at the list of hook techniques. Which two techniques could you use to introduce your essay effectively? I could use quotation and anecdote.

2. Choose one of those techniques for your HOOK and briefly explain why you chose that technique. For my hook I will choose to use a anecdote . I chose an anecdote because it is the most interesting to me to capture a readers attention with. A short story will entertain them in the beginning and will make them want to read more of ,therefor successfully capturing their attention.

Writing and Hook Essay Example

3. Write the HOOK for your essay in the space below. A a little girl I remember the many times I have gotten myself into trouble and always trying to find an excuse to my parents to get myself out of trouble. I would point out every key aspect that didnt invovle me in the incident and give them a very descriptive story of it . I was very explicit to persuading them and in the end would always win in convincing them it wasn’t me

4. Write a two- to four-sentence BRIDGE to connect your hook and thesis statement. Dr.King and I , I believe, have a lot in common in our techniques in persuading.

5. Write your THESIS STATEMENT. In Dr.kings letter the stylestic elements he used to persuade his readers were imagery

6. Now, copy and paste the sentences from numbers 3, 4, and 5 (above) into one paragraph in the space below. Congratulations! You have your introduction written!

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