Writing and Learning Journal

7 July 2018

Students will learn how to avoid plagiarism through appropriate summarizing, quoting, and documentation. Popularized papers will receive a grade of F. Please refer to the Student Handbook and Academic Catalogue for university policies regarding plagiarism. Diversity: Our readings and class discussions will address issues of diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, and cultural background. As a member of this class all students are required to contribute to a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Learning from one another in class meetings is an integral part Of our learning experience.Student Support: Tutoring and academic workshops are available throughout the semester for all students. Encourage all students to take advantage of these services and may at times advise specific students to work on a particular issue with assistance from DO’s tutoring services. Us port for Students with Disabilities: At Dominican, we are dedicated to helping everyone succeed and gain the support they need to learn well.

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For accommodation for documented disabilities, students are encouraged to insult the Office of Disability Services, Bertrand 1 09, at [email protected] Deed or phone 415-257-0187.

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